Melsa Montagne

Artist member since 2019
Montréal, Québec

Melsa Montagne offers a series of anonymous portraits. Characters from another time, sensitive and strange, who form a great lineage of authentic beings. Melsa is interested in the emotions that destabilize, the true and most precious. Often genderless, she paints them without taboos and artifices. It is for the specific purpose of focusing on the emotion and importance of the soul before the envelope. Her unique pictorial language is imbued with empathy for her subjects. Her works do not leave anyone indifferent. Melsa Montagne has reached a level of ease and spontaneity of gesture that now leads her to abstraction as the genesis of her works. Proceeding by paraeidolia, it then identifies the expression and the shape of a face. This technique leads her to build from accidents by pushing her exploration beyond proven recipes and avoiding repetition.

This technique also leads her to live and build from the accident by pushing her exploration beyond the proven recipes. It thus avoids repetition and dares to renew.

Inside the Studio